Joyce Holland
Founder & President
Steve Clouthier
Dennis Delsignore
Creative Director
Sherri Klein
Sales/Event Planner
Sherry Scott
Judith Casey
Moira Hollenbeck
Design Wizard

Joyce Holland
Favorite Blossom: Lily of the Valley and Peonies
Inspired By: Beauty and the bounty of nature
My Motto: Imagination is Everything

The face (and founder) of Stoneblossom can instantly light up a room with her exuberant smile and captivating personality. Joyce's love of all things pretty, impeccable taste, and impressive business savvy make her alluring to clients and friends alike. Prior to opening Stoneblossom in 1995, Joyce was the young owner of the wildly successful retail store Blue Angel in the eighties, where her noteworthy sense of style was first recognized. Joyce moved on to study floral design under the renowned New York designer Mary Fitzgerald, where she found her true passion and artistic expression. Joyce's innate ability to spot a trend, and her cherished talent of creating beauty was soon in high demand with clients ranging from Rhode Island to New York to Overseas. A constant for inspiring ideas and new standards in style… Stoneblossom is as genuine (and passionate) as it was on its first day in business.
Steve Clouthier
Favorite Blossom: Iris
Inspired By: The effort to strive for perfection, individually, and especially through teamwork.
My Motto: Timing is everything.

Hailing from the New England wholesale floral industry, Steve is Stoneblossom's in-house expert (and go-to-guy) on the flower market & floral business. With over thirty years of experience, Stoneblossom relies substantially on his keen eye for the best blooms and wealth of knowledge into the flower industry. This former philosophy major's calm and welcoming demeanor contribute significantly to his multifaceted business talents at Stoneblossom. As well as, his innate ability to spot the highest quality blossoms available from all over the world, and his tireless work ethic.
Dennis Delsignore
Favorite Blossom: Lilly of the Valley
Inspired By:  By the grandeur of nature
My motto: Think big thoughts, but relish small pleasures- H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Stoneblossom's Creative Director is the complete package, style, charm, & ingenuity. Dennis' charismatic personality (and sharp style) delights clients and charms the Stoneblossom team on a daily basis. He designs exciting innovative environments for both everyday life and noteworthy events. The element of space is Dennis' canvas, florals and fabric his tools, color and texture his palette. Alongside renowned designers Preston Bailey and Daniel Ost, Dennis brings over twenty years experience applying his definitive skills to installations domestically and abroad; creating dramatic intrigue from Paris to Venice, Switzerland to South Africa. Dennis' signature combinations of color and texture infused in his designs, and his ability to create awe-inspiring creations make him an (extraordinary) invaluable asset to the Stoneblossom team.
Sherri Klein
Favorite blossom: Sweet Pea
Inspired By: What the day brings, laughter, people's energy
My Motto: Capture each moment with a smile…and a giggle

This Rhody native hates the cold New England winters, but seems to make everyday brighter with her infectious laugh and cheerful disposition. After graduating from the University of Florida, Sherri took the hospitality world by storm, impressing her guests & colleagues at the luxurious Sonesta Beach Resort. On return to Rhode Island, Sherri and Joyce met by chance on an airplane. They have been working (and laughing) side by side ever since. For the past fifteen years, Sherri has helped develop Stoneblossom into the thriving business it is today. Her savvy business insight, exceptional organizational skills, and inviting demeanor keep Stoneblossom running seamlessly day in, day out.
Sherry Scott
Favorite Blossom: Wild Sweet Pea
Inspired By: My husband, my daughter, family gatherings-Great ideas and great stories-Living close to the water-Being surrounded by incredibly talented people.
My Motto: Life is a challenge, meet it. - Mother Teresa (1910–1997)

Inspired by life's wondrous moments, and gifted with a delightful talent, Stoneblossom's Event Production Manager effortlessly produces creations with a meticulous eye to every detail at hand. Sherry has turned Rhode Island upside down with her boutique style of design, and original use of unusual materials. She had developed an eye for creative display (and exemplary standards) in the beginning of her career as general manager of one of the largest men's retailers in the country. In 1997, after the birth her first daughter, Sherry transitioned effortlessly into the field of floral design, gifting Stoneblossom with the talent of one refreshingly original, and delightfully detailed, floral designer.
Judith Casey
Favoite Blossom: Ranunculus
Inspired By: Nature
My Motto: Explore the world.

Adventure & travel is the heart and soul of this Stoneblossom team member. Judy's 32 years as a school teacher has gifted her with the finely tuned skill of efficiency, organization, and client understanding, all the vital traits necessary for running the logistics department. With over twelve years at Stoneblossom, she has become an expert in venue rules and regulations and is always the best source for info on a venue's fire code, aisle length, or set-up time. Judy's impeccable taste, sharp eye for detail, and positive attitude enables Stoneblossom to deliver outstanding service and performance on each and every event.
Moira Hollenbeck
Favorite Blossom: Impossible to choose one.
Inspired By: The small details and complexities of the natural world that create the art we see and experience on so many levels.
My Motto: Live and let live, with joy, compassion, humor and grace-Be present each moment with open eyes and an open heart. Smile.

As the resident expert in European and Flemish schools of floral arrangement, Moira's soulful nature (and refined taste) makes her an invaluable designer at Stoneblossom. With more than twenty years of experience in the floral and event design industry, and management of a self-owned decor company, her extensive repertoire is a terrific addition to Stoneblossom's design team. Prior to living in Rhode Island, Moira was a key player in planning Washington D.C.'s high profile parties, including inaugural events and the US Open. From large-scale installations to the delicate details of a table setting, Moira's discriminating taste and well-versed talents brings a wealth of knowledge to Stoneblossom's design floor.